Natasha Pearl Hansen


What Comedians Really Think About at 11:46pm… at Home… Naked… on a Tuesday

Tonight I was supposed to be at The Comedy Store, not actually performing on this particular occasion but rather supporting my fellow comedian-to-be’s, when I decided it felt more appropriate to be selfish tonight and sit home naked on a comfortable chair and attempt to make sense of these partial attempts at jokes written on irrationally torn scratch sheets of paper…

So here I sit. Staring at my words like a giant puzzle that needs to be fit together but absolutely cannot be… because it’s actually only one piece from every puzzle I’ve ever crossed paths with in my near 29 years of life.

As I’m sitting here “working,” all I’ve been instead focusing on for the last hour is the fact that I should be making more money.

…maybe first step would be to put on pants…

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